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2015 Signature Mountain Blend, Hertelendy Vineyards

2015 Signature Mountain Blend, Hertelendy Vineyards -

2015 Signature Mountain Blend, Hertelendy Vineyards

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   Do you desire wines produced from the mountains of Napa Valley? Well, we have a bottle you are going to love. This wine is a blend of some of the finest juice from Howell Mountain, Atlas Peak, and Pritchard Hill. They have taken this Bordeaux style blend and concentrated all the essentials you appreciate from the Napa Valley into one bottle.  

   When you pick up the bottle, the Hertelendy family coat of arms is proudly displayed with a very intricate metallic badge. But don't let the elegantly dressed exterior fool you into thinking this is some sort of a gimmick. The attention to detail they showed on designing the bottle, will shine through with the wine inside.

   When you first approach this wine, it’s going to hit you with bright aromas of cherry, blueberry and black current. After you get past the delightful red fruit you will start to pick up on notes of mocha and vanilla. At this point, it’s time to take a sip and you will be rewarded with those delightful lovely notes.  You will then find that this silky nectar finishes with notes of butterscotch.  

    This is a phenomenal bottle of wine, so save it for a special occasion or break it out to wow that special person or share it with friends while you host a dinner party.   


Varietal: 82% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Malbec, 2% Petit Verdot

Origin: Napa Valley

Vintage: 2014

Alcohol: 14.70%

Volume: 750ml

Cases Produced: 388

Pairings: Grilled Meats – Lamb Chops, Roasted Mushrooms, Blue Cheese Crostini, Pasta Bolognese, Grilled Tempeh, Blackberry Tart